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Union Resources

Organizing a union? Know your rights.

Weingarten Rights: Representation makes a difference.

AFSCME Resources

AFSCME Constitution

Steward Handbook

How to Take Part in a Local Meeting

AFSCME Members' Bill of Rights

As EMS professionals, we understand that elected officials make decisions that affect our jobs and our patients. We don’t sit around and let others decide our future — we take action. We build alliances in our communities to help us raise standards in our profession. Contact your local and join the PEOPLE program today.

Next Wave Toolkit
As union activists, we are taking action to recruit, engage, and educate new and young members to step up and carry on the legacy.

Classes on Demand
AFSCME’s Online Leadership Academy features both live and self-paced classes for leaders, activists, members and staff that are interactive, fun and educational.

EMS Resources

EMS Labor Alliance –

EMS Workers United-AFSCME is an AFL-CIO union meaning 12 million workers across the country have our backs. Having national strength and the ability to coordinate with other unions gives us more power to demand respect for our profession.

U.S. Dept. of Labor –

EMS Memorial Foundation –

National Registry of EMTs –

Journal of EMS –

National Association of State EMS Officials –